Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing business where the affiliate (the middleman between buyer and seller) earns commission by referring/linking/recommending the buyer to the product or services from the seller. Whenever the buyer purchased anything through the affiliate’s affiliate link, the affiliate earns commission from the seller.

Abusing the use of affiliate links.

The most serious criticism against affiliate marketing is that too many affiliates are trying too hard to make money so there’s a problem of abusing the use of affiliate links.

Many people have the wrong mindset and they just want to earn money fast. When they learn a little bit about affiliate marketing, they simply want to know how to promote their affiliate link to as many people as possible. So, many will end up spamming people or using unethical or even illegal way to promote their affiliate link.

However, people who abuse the use of affiliate links usually quit after a while because they can’t get any results.

People who know how to do proper affiliate marketing won’t have this issue.

You can, but not necessary.

Some people may think that search engines don’t like affiliate links so it’s best to get decent ranking for your content first before adding affiliate links.

However, this is NOT true!​

Google doesn’t hate affiliates. This post will show you why.

What Google hates is Low Quality Websites/Contents.

So, you can add in affiliate links when you are writing the content. You don’t need to wait for it to rank first.

Your ranking mainly determines by the quality of your content!​